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Linksys Wireless Settings : Wireless Networking Adapter For Xbox360.

Linksys Wireless Settings

linksys wireless settings

    wireless settings
  • The Wireless Settings page contains the settings for the (Access Point) Portion of the WBR-1310. This page allows you to customize your wireless network or configure the WBR-1310 to fit an existing wireless network that you may already have setup.

  • Linksys by Cisco, commonly known as Linksys, is a brand of home and small office networking products now produced by Cisco Systems, though once a separate company founded in 1995 before being acquired by Cisco in 2003 .

  • Manufactures the WRT54G3G cellular router.

Confessions of a Nectar Addict

Confessions of a Nectar Addict

This is a butterfly from the Museum of Natural History's live butterfly exhibit. Although visitors were confined to a relatively slim path, I came across a docile butterfly sitting on a plant very close to the path. I had been eager to try for a macro picture the entire time, and this was the opportunity.

For this shot I used the Zuiko Digital 50mm macro lens with the Olympus EX-25 extension tube. I manually adjusted the focus to be about as far out as possible, and then moved the camera until everything seemed to be in focus. Given the relatively dim lighting of the area this was very difficult to do, and Live View was practically useless (especially since I had no tripod).

I had my flash unit with me, so I also pushed the aperture up in an effort to increase the depth of field as much as possible without stepping over the diffraction limit by too much (diffraction limit starts ~f/11; aperture here was f/18, this lens is capable of f/22). As a result of the small aperture used, anything not illuminated by the flash was very dark. This was one of the last pictures that I took with this setup. After realizing that the butterfly didn't seem to mind the flash, the flash power output was set to normal power output (TTL value +/- 0). It was held by Janelle off to the side and slightly below, angled at the butterfly, with no diffuser. It was triggered remotely via Olympus wireless connection.

If I could redo this picture I would have placed the flash either directly above, below, or in front of the butterfly and my camera. Part of the reason why the flash was used off to the side was due to positioning limitations caused by the walking path.

Shot with an Olympus E-520, Zuiko Digital 50mm macro lens, Olympus EX-25 extension tube, and Olympus FL-50R flash unit. This was shot hand-held with IS mode 1 enabled. Flash was used bare (no diffuser), to the right, below, and front of the camera, aimed at the butterfly, with TTL +/- 0 power output (default). Wireless settings were used in normal FP mode with "low" on-camera flash intensity used to trigger the FL-50R. A small aperture (f/18) was used in order to expand the depth of field.

This is an uncropped picture. The maximum image resolution has been scaled down for upload. This image was processed from RAW with the following adjustments made: the saturation and exposure were increased, and the levels were adjusted.

Settings: Wi-Fi

Settings: Wi-Fi

Apple said they didn't include a GPS radio transmitter in the first version of iPhone because it drains power. Take that with a grain of salt because it would have been more expensive, and few were willing to pay more than $600 for this phone to begin with, and Apple could have easily changed the power settings only to be activated when Maps were in use. Anyway, if you really want to save power, or if you're nowhere near civilization and therefore a wireless network, including when your in-flight, you might want to disable wireless fidelity. Interestingly, iPhone's built-in Wi-FI supports 802.11 B/G but not N which Apple supported with it's revised AirPort Extreme, launched along iPhone's announcement at Macworld 2007.

linksys wireless settings

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